Since 1999, Irod has served as Director of the Academic Support Services Division at Middlesex Community College, working with students on the main Middletown campus as well as at The Meriden Center.  His main focus in this leadership role is to meet the specialized needs of MxCC students, so they can meet their academic goals – whether that is completing a degree program, transferring, or career advancement.

Irod supervises the College Learning Center, which provides placement testing and academic tutoring services throughout each semester.  He also oversees the College’s writing and reading lab specialists to support those with learning disabilities.

For many students, Irod is the first MxCC representative they meet at high school events, college fairs, and other presentations.  He also played a major role in the planning and coordinating of the Orientation Program for students new to campus, helping set the tone of their experience at MxCC.

From 2000 until 2010, Irod developed and managed the Connecticut Collegiate Access & Success Program (CONNCAS) summer program, supported by a grant from the Department of Higher Education.  Through this effort, he recruited students, hired and supervised teaching and support staff, and developed curriculum for new MxCC students needing academic remediation.

Irod first joined MxCC in 1987 as program coordinator for Minority Student Services.  He was responsible for developing programs related to the recruitment, retention and successful completion of academic and career goals of minority students.

In 1990, he became MxCC’s director of the Admissions Department and an admissions counselor, managing marketing and outreach, recruitment, placement testing, and academic advising.  In 1996, he became Director of Academic Support Services, helping plan, supervise and coordinate programs and activities designed to increase students’ college success rates.

Irod spends time inside the classroom as well, working as an adjunct instructor at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport.  He has taught “Introduction to Statistics” and “Intermediate Algebra” at this college since 1997.

Prior to joining the community college world, Irod was an Education Coordinator at the Harambee Center in Danbury, Conn., where he provided education support services for elementary and secondary school students.  He also was a program coordinator for the Community Action Committee of Danbury (CACD), where he provided individual and group career and educational counseling.

Irod has earned two master’s of science degrees from Southern Connecticut State University — one in Research, Measurement and Quantitative Analysis for Behavioral Sciences and Education, and the other in Urban Studies.  He received his bachelor’s of arts degree from Binghamton University (SUNY).