Judy Mazgulski

Retention Specialist
Phone: 860-343-5868
Email: jmazgulski@mxcc.edu
Office Location: Founders Hall, Room 121 (Career Development and Counseling Center)

College is about change and discovery, so says Judy Mazgulski, retention specialist at MxCC. Judy knows college affects all students in one way or another, regardless of their background, age, experiences, or goals. They will learn new things about themselves, their plans for their futures, and the role they each play in society – and she is happy to help guide them along this path.

It makes sense, then, that Judy has served as a strong advocate for students at MxCC in several different roles during her career at the College. Her first was in MxCC’s Career Development and Counseling Center where she worked as a Job Developer before becoming Project Coordinator for the College’s Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Job Training pilot program. From there she became the Coordinator of Student Activities and Admission Processes, and then the Director of the College Learning Center and Student Life program. She served as Director of Student Activities before taking on her role as Retention Specialist.

While she feels fortunate to have had such variety in her career, she loves the common threads of collaboration, getting things done, as well as seeing and helping students learn and mature. This is most prevalent in her current job as student retention specialist.

In this position, Judy does whatever it takes to keep MxCC students on track and enrolled in the College so they can fulfill their personal and profession goals. She is on the lookout for those students who may be struggling for a wide variety of reasons – and lets them know there is an abundance of support here for them. She wants students to make the connection between their academic planning and their career goals, and understand how poor choices have a ripple effect in their college lives. She will ask you to develop personally meaningful answers to the questions: 1. How do you want to change as a result of your college experience? and 2. What would you be doing right now if you really wanted to be a successful college graduate? As Judy likes to say, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”

One particular group Judy has always enjoyed working with is the student veterans. She was involved in the 2010 opening of the Veterans’ OASIS program at MxCC, a dedicated location in the Jean Burr Smith Library that brings veterans together for academic, career and social support. She currently serves as the OASIS Coordinator helping them through any issues or concerns and creating a vibrant community for them on campus.

She also coordinates the New Student Orientation program at MxCC, teaching the “MxCC Way” to incoming first-year and transfer students. Through this endeavor, Judy created the College’s student handbook.

Judy is the advisor to the Meriden Center Student Association (M.C.S.A.), the Meriden Center student government. She is the Student Services Assembly liaison to the Administrative Services Assembly, a college government leadership role.

Judy also has served as a co-advisor for S.P.E.A.K., Students Promoting Equality, Acceptance and Knowledge, and has co-chaired the Annual MxCC Foundation Golf Classic for its first nine years. She was co-chair of the student development committee at the College and has served on several committees including promotion, tenure and scholarship. Additionally she has taught Freshman Seminar multiple semesters over the years.

Judy earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in biology psychology from Wells College in New York. She pursued a master’s of arts degree in educational and counseling psychology at the University of Connecticut.

Judy loves taking part in many different aspects of the MxCC community. Her favorite events are the annual student trip to the Connecticut State Capitol, the end-of-semester poetry reading event (hosted by the creative writing students), community service activities, and commencement.

When she is not on campus, Judy can be found on the golf course, hiking, biking or on the east end of Long Island where she is from. She loves reading the newspaper and listening to NPR (specifically “Where We Live” and “This American Life”) and hanging out with friends and family.

Check out the Student Retention Services webpage for more information and personally recommended resources.