Mary Rayappan

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Division Chair
Phone: 860-343-5791
Office Location: Wheaton 310

“Real learning comes through one’s own efforts to solving mathematical problems. Therefore, what is most important to me is that my students work in class and on their own to gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts behind the material – and know how and when these concepts may be applied.”

For more than 22 years, Dr. Rayappan has been immersed in the world of mathematics – in academics and in the IT industry.  She has a great love of math, how it solves problems, how it changes the way people view the world, and how it affects our lives.  She wants to share that passion with students – those who may be enthusiastic about numbers and formulas, as well as those who struggle with an “active dislike” of the subject.

To accomplish this, Dr. Rayappan creates a high-energy, engaging classroom environment.  She uses many different teaching tools and techniques, interactive lectures, compelling hand-outs, and much of today’s innovative technology to develop solid teaching plans that draws in the student.  She adapts her teaching approach to the backgrounds, skill levels, and learning styles of her students, trying to bring math concepts alive for them.

Student participation in class is imperative for Dr. Rayappan, and she strives to have all students rephrase concepts, visibly demonstrate formulas, ask questions, and discuss applications.  As a result, students enjoy a few bonuses such as improved writing and reasoning skills, and a stronger ability to defend or validate a logical argument.

Dr. Rayappan was educated in India, earning a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and a master’s in business administration. She started her academic career as an assistant professor in India. After a few years, Dr. Rayappan took a break from the classroom for a little over a decade to explore the Information Technology sector.  She served in different technical and management job roles in IT, both in India and the USA. In 2010, Dr. Rayappan joined as a full-time faculty member in MxCC’s Department of Mathematics teaching calculus, pre-calculus and algebra.  Prior to that, she was an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, working as an instructor and as the director of the Mathematics Achievement Center.

The classroom clearly is where Dr. Rayappan feels she can be most beneficial – pursuing her ambition to help all students experience and appreciate mathematics and learning as a whole.