August Registration Dates Announced

This fall enrollments will reach record levels. More families than ever are looking to save money on their children’s first two years of college. Laid-off workers are entering the community college to boost their employable skills for recession-proof jobs including health care, criminal justice and the emerging clean energy industries. As of July fall enrollment is up nearly 29 percent for the State’s Community College System with Middlesex climbing to 30 percent ahead of this same time last year.

What does this mean? Colleges for the first time may not be “open to all” and could be forced to consider capping enrollment for this fall. Just at a time when students are seeking out the community colleges, a shrinking state budget may mean that a two year education could become harder to get. It is possible that not all students will find seats this fall, especially if they decide to wait until the final days of registration in late August. Capping enrollment may be necessary to make sure that the students who are accepted receive the support and services they need for a strong educational foundation.

Don’t be left behind … register now during the August Open Registration days offered at the following locations:
Tuesday, August 11  from 1-6 pm at Middletown campus
Tuesday, August 18  from 1-6 pm at Middletown campus
Thursday, August 20  from 1-6 pm at Meriden Center
Monday, August 24  from 1-6:30 pm at Middletown campus
Tuesday, August 25 from 1-6:30 pm Meriden Center

Our complete schedule of day, evening, and online courses is available at  Just click on this link for the fall credit schedule. For detailed information about degree and certificate programs available at Middlesex, check out college catalog online.

Classes start Monday, August 31!

Continuing Students may register via the Web at: Please NOTE! If you have not been in attendance any spring or fall semester since fall 2007, this option is not available.

What you should bring if you are a new student: If you haven’t already submitted the following information, please bring it with you: copy of your high school transcript, diploma or GED; proof of Measles/mumps and rubella immunity, and any transcripts from other colleges that you have attended. Continuing students can either come to the above registration days or register online.

Payment: Payment is expected at time of registration either through your financial aid, or by the following methods: cash, check, Payment Plan, or VISA/MasterCard/Discover.
We look forward to seeing you this semester at Middlesex Community College!