It’s A Hit” on display at the Fairfield Museum and History Center

Oct 20, 2010 – Students taking a math class with MxCC Professor Steve Krevisky are in for a fun-filled semester with one of baseball’s biggest fans. From zany hats to baseball stats, Krevisky keeps his students engaged in statistics. Hint: Krevisky’s favorite team – THE YANKEES! Research a few of the team’s stats and you can join in the playful banter too.

The professor’s knowledge includes just about EVERYTHING about baseball, and not just current facts, but the entire history of the players, teams, trivia, and, of course, stats! From Japan to South America, Krevisky has gained an international reputation as both a respected mathematician and a faithful fan of the sport.

Krevisky’s latest endorsement of the sport, as president of the local chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), is the Fairfield Museum and History Center’s current exhibit, “It’s a Hit! A Hometown View of Our National Pastime.” The display is available until January 2, 2011.

For more about this story, click on this link to Professor Krevisky’s interview with reporter Greg Canel of The Daily.