Middlesex Community College Announces Dr. Lillian Ortiz as Interim Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Sep 8, 2010 – Middlesex Community College (MxCC) has appointed Dr. Lillian Ortiz as Interim Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.

Before coming to MxCC, Dr. Ortiz was Dean of Institutional Development and Community Engagement at Manchester Community College (MCC), Connecticut’s largest community college, where she served for twelve years. Dr. Ortiz brings over a decade of leadership in providing students the opportunity to explore, challenge and lead by providing the educational funding of programs. Her commitment to students and helping them to achieve their potential will be an asset to MxCC.

“Her time at Manchester is an experience we hope to capitalize on as she takes on this new challenge providing the educational leadership needed here at MxCC,” said Jonathan M. Daube, interim president.

Dr. Ortiz will serve a one-year term; the appointment will ensure the planning and management of student activities, Child Development Center, advising, counseling and the Meriden Center. “I’m excited about working at Middlesex and look forward to building bridges with this community,” said Dr. Ortiz.

MxCC President Dr. Jonathan M. Daube, himself a longtime former MCC administrator, worked with Dr. Ortiz for twelve years and described her as “having considerable experience working with both faculty and students.”

At MxCC Dr. Ortiz will serve on the academic planning committee, supervise academic and student services changes for the catalog, assist faculty with grant opportunities, and explore study abroad opportunities. In addition, she will supervise the grade appeals process; participate in Student Services Team meetings and Student Development and Curriculum and Academic Policy Committees.

“I have to thank Chancellor Marc S. Herzog and Manchester Community College (MCC) President Gena Glickman for allowing Dr. Ortiz to come to us ‘on loan’ for one year,” said Dr. Daube.

Dr. Ortiz earned her bachelor’s degree from Central Connecticut State University, a M.A. from American International College, an Ed.D. from University of Hartford. Currently resides in Windsor for the past ten years.