Middlesex Community College’s Meriden Center Awarded Grants

Jan 16, 2014 – Students at MxCC’s Meriden Center will benefit from two new grants this semester, awarded by the Cuno Foundation and the Meriden Foundation.

The Cuno Foundation awarded $4,840 to fully fund the Meriden Center’s New York Times in College project for the entire academic year. This grant will pay for subscriptions to the print and digital versions of The New York Times and support the weekly roundtable discussions held in the Meriden Learning Lab.  This program helps to stimulate a collaborative partnership of faculty, staff, and the community by using newspaper stories for thought provoking, multi-perspective discussions.

The Meriden Foundation awarded $5,000 to partially underwrite the two-week math & English intensive college prep workshops at the Meriden Center this summer. These workshops are in response to Public Act 12-40’s elimination of the lowest levels of developmental math and English courses.  They are designed to help students refresh their basic skills in order to improve their course placement, with placement tests administered both before and after each workshop.

MxCC’s Meriden Center is located in a multi-level facility in downtown Meriden. The Meriden Center currently enrolls more than 600 students, representing 21 percent of all MxCC students.

Founded in 1966, Middlesex Community College (mxcc.edu) is part of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System. In all it does, Middlesex Community College strives to be the college of its community. By providing high quality, affordable, and accessible education to a diverse population, the college enhances the strengths of individuals through degree, certificate, and lifelong learning programs that lead to university transfer, employment, and an enriched awareness of our shared responsibilities as global citizens. MxCC, recently named a “Great College to Work For” by “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” offers more than 50 degree or certificate programs at the main 38-acre campus in Middletown, the downtown Meriden Center, the shoreline, and online.