Renovations Begins in Chapman Hall

Jul 23, 2013 – Renovations in the lower level of Chapman Hall began this week as part of phase one for the cutting-edge Center for New Media. Phase one, set to be complete for the Fall 2013 semester, includes updating and combining existing classrooms. After phase one is complete, there will be a high definition screening room, a new media production lab, and a new media production classroom.

Phase two is currently in the works. Construction will begin later this academic year. Phase two will likely include a high-definition television-film studio, a video control room, an audio and music recording control room, a voice-over booth, editing booths, a new media collaborative classroom/newsroom, a green room, set storage, and a radio station.

In the end, the Center for New Media will offer a state-of-the-art, digitally rich, and interactive learning environment for our students. Stay tuned as the renovations progress!