Two New Courses Fall 2013

Jun 19, 2013 – The Center for New Media is proud to announce two new courses for the fall semester: New Media Production and Digital Cinematography. Each exciting course offers a hands-on learning experience. Register today by visiting myCommNet or contact Rich Lenoce for more information.

COM*125/DGA*125 New Media Production
Mondays 01:20 pm-04:10 pm

This course is an introduction to the production of new media. New media is an emerging communications technology that adds on-demand interactive access to media content fostering creative participation and community formation. Students will learn to develop and produce a variety of digital media including audio, video, photography, animation and web design and make that media accessible over the Internet and mobile devices through wikis, blogs, podcasts and social media. Students will use professional media creation tools such as cameras, video and audio editing applications, content management systems and Internet radio, music creation and podcast software.

COM*147/ART*147 Digital Cinematography
Fridays 09:00 am-11:40 am

An introduction to photographic principles as they apply to movies and video. This course will use both digital still and video cameras and cover topics such as, composition, depth-of-field, lenses, focal length, exposure, focus, filters, camera angles, camera operation, camera movement, visual effects, and principles of lighting and color; as well as the roles of the Director of Photography and other camera & lighting crew on a production.  This is a hands-on course with students completing a series of practical exercises and production assignments.