One of the best ways to stay current on trends in your field is to follow well-known bloggers and industry professionals on social media. The list below covers the fields of graphic design, animation, film, TV, and sports production.

One of the easiest ways to follow blogs is to use the Feedly app.

A quick overview on how it works…

  1. Download the app for iOS or Android.
  2. Sign up for a free account.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the button that says ADD WEBSITE.
  4. Type in the URL without the Http. When it pulls it up, click the plus button.
  5. It’ll ask you to put it in a category. If you haven’t organized your blogs yet, click CREATE NEW COLLECTION.
  6. Keep doing this until you have all the blogs you’re interested in. Now when you load the app, you’ll be able to read the latest article on each blog without searching on the Internet.

You can also search for new content and blogs

  • Once on the app, in the top righthand corner, use the search bar to find the blogs you’re interested in.
  • Choose the option that says “Beyond my feedly”. This will pull up blogs you haven’t subscribed to yet.

Feedly also works well on the web, on tablets and devices, and you can even download a Chrome extension, which allows you to easily add a website or blog to your reader with one click while you’re browsing. Here are 40 blogs we have subscribed to!

Graphic and Web Design Blogs

  1. 52 Weeks of UX
  2. The UX Booth
  3. You the Designer
  4. Creative Market
  5. Spoon Graphics Blog
  6. Adobe Blog
  7. Logo Design Love
  8. Viget
  9. Smashing Magazine
  10. HOW Design

TV & Sports Industry Blogs

  1. Work in Sports
  2. The Business of Sports
  3. Sports Networker
  4. Lost Remote
  5. New York Times Media Section
  6. Anonymous Production Assistant

Screenwriting & Journalism Blogs

  1. Go Into the Story
  2. Journalistics
  3. Copyblogger
  4. MediaBistro
  5. BuzzMachine
  6. Flying Wrestler
  7. Script Magazine
  8. Ken Levine
  9. The Bitter Scriptreader
  10. The Write Practice


  1. Filmmaker Magazine
  2. Shooting People
  3. Film Riot
  4. Premium Beat
  5. Phillip Bloom
  6. Director’s Notes
  7. IndieTips
  8. RedShark News


  1. Tech News Blog
  2. TechCrunch
  3. Lost in Technology
  4. Business Insider Tech
  5. Digital Inspiration
  6. Daring Fireball

Do you have any more to add to the list?