Curious about the U.S. legal system? Here are 5 reasons to check out the new “Intro to Law” course this fall.

There are an estimated 4,450 criminal offenses in the U.S. Code, and as many as 300,000 federal regulatory crimes.* It is safe to say laws affect each of us in some way or other – and understanding the fundamental concepts and principles of our legal system is a valuable part of citizenship.

Regardless of what you study at MxCC or what your future career may be, MxCC wants to give you the chance to better appreciate the law – so we bring you a new course: “Introduction to Law” (POL*120).

And, here are 5 reasons you should consider adding this class to your schedule next fall:
• Course is taught by Associate Professor Ben Boutaugh who is an attorney with 15 years of experience. Also, he earned his JD (cum laude) from Quinnipiac University School of Law, ranking in the top 18 percent of his class.
• You can discuss topics such as “legal reasoning, legal ethics, and legal research methods” with your friends.
• This may be your first step to a legal career – where there are jobs! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth for lawyers is about 10.7 percent and about 16.7 percent for paralegals.
• “Law & Order” reruns will be far more interesting.
• You already qualify to take this course because there are no prerequisites!

Register today for POL*120 Introduction to Law! CRN: 3392 held on Tuesdays/Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 on the Middletown Campus. If you have any questions, contact Professor Boutaugh.

*Written testimony of Lucian E. Dervan, assistant professor of law, Southern Illinois University School of Law, before the House Committee on the Judiciary Over-Criminalization Task Force, U.S. House of Representatives “Regulatory Crime: Solutions,” November 14, 2013