Samantha_CorsiniDifferent days of the week bring different activities. Two days of the week, I am at the Legislative Office Building for my Legislative Internship Program, a program offered by MxCC, from 9am until 5pm. Aside from myself, there are six other interns from Middlesex (which is the most largest number coming from one school!) spread out through different committees. Among my fellow interns, including the other 50 or so from various schools throughout Connecticut, the volume of all the different legislators, legislative aides, and other various workers is so large, making it so that interaction is constant. Considering the thought of being confined to an office in solitude makes me shutter! I personally work with the chair of the Environmental Committee, State Representative Linda Gentile, in the House of Democrats. Most excitingly, I not only get to be involved in “behind-the-scenes” action of lawmaking, but also I am continuing to advocate for what is very meaningful – that being environmentally sound practices and reform. Though there are no jobs that are easily accomplished at the LOB, the challenge is exciting – and to complete one of the numerous tasks is immeasurably rewarding.

I also attend two on-campus classes, which surprisingly coincide well together: World Religions and World Music. Both courses offer extreme diversity of cultural beliefs and practices, while also offering history. It is very clear to me that each professor has a passion for what they’re teaching and go beyond the conventional lesson plan to extend their love of the subject to each one of us in the classroom, an experience I’ve noticed that reoccurs each semester. As it has in the past, this teaching style, which seems to be the majority among nearly all Middlesex educators, allows a learning environment that easily and naturally comes about.

Beyond credited courses, I partake in activities such as the student government, where I hold the secretary position on Student Senate. All of us on the Senate come together in order to offer resources to students as students, all while helping MxCC to achieve its mission statement. I am involved in the Student Development Committee, where I work first hand with teachers and faculty to further develop communication, activities and community as a whole for my fellow students. Lastly, I’ve been working as a waitress at a restaurant for the past two years where the food is fabulous and my coworkers have become like family.

Though the week seems unmanageably busy at times, the overall sense of involvement and being aware of what is going on in my small community and extended outward through that, helps me to feel achieved and allows me to move forward.

A standard belief is that a person who attends a community college lacks interaction and involvement at the institution and that their school schedule involves them showing up in time for their classes and immediately after they are over. I believe I can speak firsthand. While it is easy to make a routine out of the schedule mentioned, I have been shown in my experience at Middlesex that those without involvement at the school are the minority.






Samantha Corsini is a full time student at MxCC and is a general studies major.  She is also the Senator-at-Large of the Student Senate and holds the only student position on the Student Development Committee.