SKrevitskySMStephen Krevisky, professor of mathematics, is departing on a month-long trip to Africa. He will visit South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Nigeria. Last year, he received the 2013 Educational Excellence and Distinguished Service Award, which came with a stipend to be used for professional development.

During his trip, Professor Krevisky will be doing a poster presentation, along with Dr. Timothy Craine from Central Connecticut State University, at the International Conference on Ethnomathematics in Mozambique. The poster presentation, titled “Division of Loaves and Teaching Egyptian Fractions” is on Egyptian fractions, or fractions whose numerator is 1.

He will also join Ijey Nwachuku, professor of early childhood education, and her husband in their native Nigeria, where he will give math workshops for teachers and children.