In summer 2014, I embarked on a journey to Africa.  The main purpose was to go to a conference in Mozambique, and also to give workshops for teachers in Nigeria.  I did accomplish these goals, although there were obstacles that I had to overcome. My first stop was South Africa, where I visited Soweto, the famous township near Johannesburg, site of the famous uprising against apartheid in 1976.   I also visited the Apartheid museum, and made sure to tell people there that many of us supported their struggles.

Next was northern Botswana, where I stayed at a nice lodge on the Chobe River. Across the river was Namibia.  I got to see plenty of wildlife there, both from a boat on the river, and also via a game drive. There were elephants, giraffes, cape buffalo, kudzus and others.  It was quite the experience.

I then moved on to Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, where I was looking to see the falls there.  I did get to go on an elephant ride, which I enjoyed. I then got on a tram, headed for the falls. However, this venture was derailed by a train accident, which hospitalized me for several days. Yet, I did continue the trip, getting to Mozambique, where I co-presented, along with Dr. Timothy Craine from CCSU, on the subject of Egyptian fractions, at an international conference on Ethno-mathematics.  That was a good experience, along with some sightseeing, and staying in an interesting guesthouse there.

Nigeria was my next stop. One of my colleagues, Ijey Nwachuku, who teaches Early Childhood Education, worked with me to plan for this, along with her husband, who teaches at SCSU. I enjoyed meeting teachers and children at a few local schools, along with also meeting the Vice Chancellor of the university, who co-sponsored our workshops.  People there were very nice to me, and I enjoyed doing the workshops for area math teachers, over 2 days. It was a good experience, and we have discussed doing this again in the future.

Finally, I had a few days to chill in Frankfurt, Germany, to rest and sightsee, and that was time well spent, before I finally came home.  After 5 days, there, I went off to present at my annual baseball convention in Houston, and then was home for good! Scroll down for pictures!



Submitted by Steve Krevisky. Since 1985, Professor Krevisky has been a full-time mathematics professor at Middlesex Community College.