Judy Prill (DEEP), Jaime Flores (MxCC), Karen LeBoulluec (MxCC), Steve Minkler, Dan Nocera (MxCC’s Corporate Media Center), Dr. Anna Wasescha (MxCC), Lloyd Langevin (MxCC’s Corporate Media Center), Deputy Commissioner Susan Whalen, Bueau Chief Mke Lambert, Laurie Giannotti (CT DEEP Recreational Trail and Greenway Program Coordinator), and Carolyn Hughes (Intent Design Group).

On Tuesday, September 30th Middlesex Community College’s Corporate Media Center (CMC) and Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEEP) premiered their latest collaboration: a video on The Air Line State Park Trail at a special event on September 30 at the DEEP Headquarters in Hartford, Conn. Present from MxCC were Dr. Anna Wasescha, Dean Minkler, Jaime Flores, Dan Nocera, Lloyd Langevin, Elena Sanchez and Karen LeBoulleuc.

The 18 minute video is a virtual tour of the Air Line State Park Trail which extends from East Hampton to Thompson. The video took nine months to complete thanks to the efforts of ten student editors helping to cut it including Sam Bode, Adam DeRezendes, Matt Fruin, Cindy Gerstl, Hollie Kinney, Karen LeBoulluec, Rose Picarelli, Lauren Reynolds, Elena Sanchez, and Andrew Saxe.

“This project was one of the first collaborations I was involved in for the school!” said Elena Sanchez, multimedia student. “I got to come up with the concept layout design for the animation graphics, as well as created the actual graphics and animations. Overall, it was interesting how all the components came together at the end to create an amazing piece of videography to promote our state’s parks and wildlife preservation.”

“This video was great collaboration between DEEP, Intent Design Group and Middlesex Community College’s Corporate Media Center,” said Dan Nocera, Corporate Media Producer at MxCC“I really couldn’t have pulled it off without my students’ help!”