MxCC student Lauren Grover (pictured above) is the 2014 winner of the Artists for World Peace Fund Scholarship.

Grover, a resident of Meriden and a Liberal-Arts and Humanities Major, applied for the $100 scholarship this past September as a means to support what she called her “art habit.”

“We are very thankful that Artists for World Peace has established a scholarship fund for our students,” said Donna Bontatibus, Professor of English at MxCC.

Artists for World Peace is a non-profit organization whose goal is to feed, house, educate and encourage those in need through community outreach and involvement; and their scholarship is meant to spread peace through artistic expression. The Artists for World Peace Scholarship is open to MxCC, Mercy, Middletown, and Xavier High School students who are enrolled in art, music, theater or digital and multimedia courses and who are receiving a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. The funds are meant to provide recipients with additional resources to help purchase supplies for their arts based courses.

“I already bought some ceramic glazes which I am eager to try,” explained Grover, about how she has used the funds to help develop her projects for her Ceramics and Hand Building course here at MxCC.

Grover confesses struggling with ceramics at first, but that the frustration is part of what makes trying new arts challenging and an awesome experience.

A self-professed henna body art enthusiast; Grover has plans for her future that include her love of this specific art form.

“I want to transfer to the Eli Whitney Program at Yale,” explained Grover.

“My eventual goal is to get a grant or scholarship to travel to Northern India, Northern Africa, and the Middle East to document henna traditions that are disappearing due to globalization, and to write a book about it.”

Grover’s love for the art of henna doesn’t stop with her dreams for her future; she also has her own business: HennaDancer, where she travels to festivals, weddings, and parties to help spread the art across the Northeast.

For more information about Artists for World Peace and their scholarship opportunities visit