I was excited to receive my assignment to give tips on balancing school life and the rest of life because I feel as if I may have mastered it…or at least learned how to juggle everything really well!

It can definitely be tricky at first. People have lots of different situations – some go to school full time and work part time, like myself, others the opposite, some even have kids in the mix, in which case I give so much respect to them because I could never even imagine how difficult that must get!

Anyways, I can only talk about my situation. I am a full time student, currently taking 13 credits in the Early Childhood Education program. I attend school Monday-Thursday, which consists of two morning classes Mondays and Wednesdays, and a once a week evening class Tuesdays as well as Thursdays (two different classes, each once a week, for clarification). Outside of class, of course I devote some time each day to studying and completing assignments. This could range from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on how much time I have and how much time is necessary.

Outside of school, I work on an on-call basis at the Macy’s warehouse as a packer. So that’s pretty sporadic, but I pick up whenever I can to make some extra cash. I’m also a makeup artist and I’m very happy to say that seems to be getting to be something I’m able to do more often since I am now working with two photographers pretty regularly. I’m also an independent distributor for a business. You could say I like to keep myself busy. I like to say that I’m trying to live life to the fullest with all of my dreams and make my future as bright as it can be.

I also like to believe that I balance my social life well. I see my boyfriend whenever our work and school schedules don’t clash (which has gotten much more difficult this semester) and my best friend is away at college. But we text, Snapchat, and talk on Facebook often. That’s the advantage of the technology in this day and age – even when your best friends are hours away, you can still see and hear each other as if you were in the same room.

With all this going on, somehow I still manage to get decent nights of sleep and take off running every day. My life may get a little too stressful at times and I have my off days, but I honestly love it because I know I’m working towards and happy, healthy, and fun future.