a IMG_4891At MxCC we are all about you, our students! We are happy to announce enhanced services for our students, coming this fall. Many of these services have expanded to the Meriden Center so no matter where you are, you can get assistance when needed.

First off, Hilary Phelps will be our new Disabilities Specialist and will split her time between Middletown and Meriden. Beverly Dickinson will be in a newly created position. She will coordinate on- and off-campus employment and will also connect students to area social service agencies. So, if you have a non-college related issue-perhaps a need for food stamps or a legal issue-that might impede on your progress in college, Ms. Dickinson might be able to help connect you to an agency that can assist. She will also divide her time between the Middletown campus and the Meriden Center.

Irod Lee, will assume leadership of the College Learning Center on the Middletown campus. He is now located on the main floor of Chapman Hall and is available to help students find appropriate tutors in a wide variety of subjects. Judy Mazgulski, former Student Activities Director, will be the new Retention Specialist, working three days a week in the Meriden Center and two in Middletown. One of our counselors, Gail Mozzicato, will spend two days each week at the Meriden Center as will our Associate Director of Financial Aid, Michael Amouzou. Mensimah Shabazz, Director of Academic Initiatives, will be working with the Honors Program and Transitional Year Program at both the main campus and the Meriden Center.

And my office, the Dean of Students Office, is moving to the opposite side of Founders Hall in Room 122. Stop by and say hello to me in my new office when you return in the fall. I’m giving up my purple walls in favor of “Harvest Wheat.”

amaslin2 Adrienne Maslin is the dean of students at MxCC.