More than 350 students at Middlesex Community College earned the Dean’s List designation for high academic achievement during the last term (full list follows below). To make this list, students achieved a grade point average of more than 3.4 for all courses taken during the spring 2014 semester.

“Students are named to the Dean’s List because they have met our high expectations of their ability to excel in college,” said Dr. Anna Wasescha, president of MxCC. “We are very proud of the outstanding academic work of our Dean’s List students.”

FULL LIST OF 2014 DEAN’S LIST FROM MxCC (Town, first name, last name):

Amston                         Christina                 Deeter

Amston                         Erin                              Guittare

Amston                         Molly                          Guittare

Amston                         Michael                    Thompson

Avon                               Christopher           Dearstyne

Berlin                             Deanna                    Ayotte

Berlin                             Lauren                      Bacon

Berlin                             Anastasia               Bianchi

Berlin                             Alyssa                        Bozzuto

Berlin                             Emily                          Coffey

Berlin                             Violet                         Gagnon

Bozrah                           Briana                       Carr

Branford                      Christina                 Cerillo

Branford                      Jaclyn                        Ranciato

Bristol                           Brendan                   Gavin

Centerbrook             Shelby                       Hardgrove

Cheshire                      Andrei                       Chesanow

Cheshire                      Margaret                 Guile

Cheshire                      Emily                          Markoja

Chester                        Kyle                             Anderson

Chester                        Hui                               Cao

Chester                        Timothy                    Doak

Chester                        Cora                            Lynde

Chester                        Annabelle               Mead

Chester                        Benjamin                Watkins

Chester                        Barbara                    Wilson

Clinton                          Susan                         Butcher

Clinton                          Nathan                     Castracane

Clinton                          Robin                         Holmes

Clinton                          Michelle                  Irizarry

Clinton                          Christopher           Lussier

Clinton                          Ryan                           McKeon

Clinton                          Larissa                      Pucillo

Clinton                          Jon                               Pulaski

Clinton                          Korrine                     Ziegler

Colchester                 Russell                      Glover

Colchester                 Valerie                      Glover

Colchester                 Dianna                      Konrad

Colchester                 Mara                          Matteucci

Colchester                 Daniel                       Parker

Cromwell                    Ashley                       Bellamo

Cromwell                    Mark                           Delano

Cromwell                    Lauren                      Ellish

Cromwell                    Lawrence                Herrera

Cromwell                    Sara                            Kaiser

Cromwell                    Gina                            Lombardo

Cromwell                    Jonathan                 Metivier

Cromwell                    Sean                           Piasecki

Cromwell                    Zaqir                           Saifi

Deep River                 Erika                           Alicea

Deep River                 Michaela                 Anderson

Deep River                 Ashley                       Brown

Deep River                 Roger                         Clapp

Deep River                 Lindsay                     Grote

Deep River                 Tracy                          Kemp

Deep River                 Marion                      Martin

Deep River                 Jean                            Mathon

Deep River                 Chun                           Yung

Durham                        Chance                     Allen

Durham                        Monika                     Malek

Durham                        Tabatha                   Merrill

Durham                        Bonnie                      Ryder

Durham                        Matthew                 Waleski

East Berlin                  Daniel                       Ithier

East Haddam            Shaun                        Byrne

East Haddam            Michele                    Haynes

East Hampton          Tomas                       Camara

East Hampton          James                        Carroll

East Hampton          Daniel                       Field

East Hampton          Megan                       Fortin

East Hampton          Paul                            Jackson

East Hampton          Carli Anne               Lanou

East Hampton          Diane                         Letterman

East Hampton          Kelly                           Merrill

East Hampton          Patrick                      Quinn

East Hampton          Justin                         Schunk

East Hampton          David                         Shaw

East Hartford            Carol                          Milevschi

East Hartford            Richard                     Porter

East Haven                 Brittney                    Foster

East Lyme                   Yeshi                          Tsomo

Groton                          Heather                   Rogers

Guilford                        Victoria                    Acuna

Guilford                        Joshua                      Bishop

Guilford                        Peter                          Blanchet

Guilford                        Bruno                         Eire

Guilford                        Patricia                    Jennings

Guilford                        Maycie                      Morris

Guilford                        Shae                           Owens

Guilford                        Amy                             White

Haddam                       Hayley                       Gronbach

Haddam                       Kelly                           Lisitano

Haddam                       Emily                          Merriam

Haddam                       Bethany                   Meyer

Higganum                   Devon                        Anderegg

Higganum                   Sera                            Blair

Higganum                   Brenna                      Casey

Higganum                   Lindsey                     Gioella

Higganum                   Katelynn                  Goldsmith

Higganum                   Travis                         Hood

Higganum                   Sarah                         Kentoffio

Higganum                   Jessica                      Mullaney

Higganum                   Amanda                   Pitruzzello

Higganum                   Shawn                       Rockwell

Higganum                   Allison                       Rodman

Higganum                   Robert                       Smigel Jr

Higganum                   Victoria                    Targonski

Higganum                   Joshua                      Zarbo

Ivoryton                       Mary                           Mularski

Killingworth              James                        Johnson

Killingworth              Chris                           Roby

Killingworth              Lindsey                     Wierbicki

Lyme                              Mary                           McAndrew

Lyme                              Nolan                         Smyth

Lyme                              Sierra                         Sunshine

Madison                      Leda                           Brozsek

Madison                      Juliann                      Holzer

Madison                      Riley                           McDonald

Madison                      Helen                         Nourse

Madison                      Rebecca-Lin          Talmadge

Manchester              Sacha                         Conde

Marlborough            Brenna                      McKinnon

Meriden                       Mohamed               Ahmed

Meriden                       Michael                    Arntsen

Meriden                       Donald                      Beardsley

Meriden                       Heather                   Coitrone

Meriden                       Anna                           Corbeil

Meriden                       Dennis                      Crosby

Meriden                       Melissa                    D’Amico

Meriden                       Damien                    DeJesus

Meriden                       Taronza                    Ellison

Meriden                       Giomar                     Emmanuelli

Meriden                       Patricia                    Estep-Kronberg

Meriden                       Belinda                     Fluker

Meriden                       Chavonne               Givens

Meriden                       Susan                         Greene

Meriden                       Lauren                      Grover

Meriden                       Kevin                          Gullage

Meriden                       Mariana                   Heath

Meriden                       Kelimer                    Huertas

Meriden                       Amanda                   Keegan

Meriden                       Emily                          LaBissoniere

Meriden                       Shanikia                   Lane

Meriden                       Monica                     Laurenza

Meriden                       James                        Law Jr.

Meriden                       Maria de Jesus    Leon

Meriden                       Beatrice                   Mays

Meriden                       Amber                       McBurney

Meriden                       Claudia                     Mestizo

Meriden                       Robert                       Mirabello

Meriden                       Jennie                       Morenz

Meriden                       Patrick                      Parker Jr.

Meriden                       Marjorie                  Parrilla

Meriden                       Rochelle                  Pascale

Meriden                       Harsh                         Patel

Meriden                       Sean                           Payne

Meriden                       Lizbeth                      Peralta

Meriden                       Rosemary               Picarelli

Meriden                       Katarzyna               Pietrzyk

Meriden                       Samantha               Ruel

Meriden                       Maria                         Serrano

Meriden                       Mark                           Sharnick

Meriden                       Ashley                       Sill

Meriden                       Nicholas                  Sinopoli

Meriden                       Randy                        Snow

Meriden                       Cynthia                     Solano

Meriden                       Dana                          Thibeau

Meriden                       Christian                 Vazquez

Meriden                       William                    Watson

Meriden                       Paulina                     Wiaderski

Meriden                       Asma                          Yeasmin

Meriden                       Timothy                    Zakrzewski

Meriden                       Stephen                   Zunda

Middle Haddam     Samuel                     Bolton

Middlefield                Zachary                    Augenstein

Middlefield                Jacob                         Cunningham

Middlefield                Gina                            Layman

Middlefield                Kathryn                    Smith

Middletown              Laila                           Alhalabi

Middletown              Alexia                        Ampuero-Revoredo

Middletown              Luka                            Augeri

Middletown              Minnetta                 Baird

Middletown              Zehra                         Bajraktarevic

Middletown              Jason                         Beaudoin

Middletown              Katherine               Beyer

Middletown              Jeffrey                       Blankenship

Middletown              Mark                           Borowitz

Middletown              Emelia                       Brackbill

Middletown              Joseph                      Caccomo

Middletown              Kyle                             Calder

Middletown              Rhode                        Carrion

Middletown              Ashley                       Cavanaugh

Middletown              Krista                         Cianfaglione

Middletown              Eileen                        Daniels

Middletown              Jessica                      Daniels

Middletown              Alexandrea            DeRota

Middletown              Caleb                         Earley

Middletown              Frederick                 Etroo

Middletown              Richard                     Feeney

Middletown              Katrina                     Forman

Middletown              Lisa                             Gangone

Middletown              Cheryl                        Garner

Middletown              LaToya                      Garofalo

Middletown              Sebastian               Genovese

Middletown              Abbey                        Girasuolo

Middletown              Christopher           Goralski

Middletown              Stephanie               Green

Middletown              Thomas                    Guitard

Middletown              Kacie                          Harris

Middletown              Alejandrina           Hidalgo-Cannon

Middletown              Rachel                       Hoover

Middletown              Kathryn                    Inferrera

Middletown              Courtney                 Kennedy

Middletown              Michael                    Keyes

Middletown              Jackson                    LaRose

Middletown              Kevin                          Lauber

Middletown              Brandon                   Lepore

Middletown              Nathan                     Linklater

Middletown              Jaime                         Matos

Middletown              Alicia                          McCoy

Middletown              Maria                         Medina

Middletown              Abigail                       Murray

Middletown              Meagan                    Nunes

Middletown              Aisling                       O’Grady

Middletown              Sheldyn                    Oliver

Middletown              Angelique               Ortiz

Middletown              Wendy                      Parker

Middletown              Brendan                   Plake

Middletown              A.S.M.                        Rahman

Middletown              Joshua                      Robbins

Middletown              Holly                           Rostosky

Middletown              Melissa                    Rushford

Middletown              Tonya                         Salyerds

Middletown              Lisa                             Sanders

Middletown              Kyrie                           Sawicki

Middletown              Gregory                    Schneider

Middletown              Lori                              Scott

Middletown              Thomas                    Shea

Middletown              Mathew                   Siena

Middletown              Kendel                      Souza

Middletown              Michael                    Steffman

Middletown              Sara                            Sutton

Middletown              Joseph                      Tanasi

Middletown              Robert                       Wagner

Middletown              Megan                       Walton

Middletown              Michael                    Weller

Middletown              Adam                         Wolak

Middletown              Rachael                    Woolard

Middletown              Magdalena            Wylaz

Milford                          Colin                           Sullivan

Moodus                        Lauren                      Calles

Moodus                        Alan                            Kain

Moodus                        Jean                            Maheu

Moodus                        Joshua                      Rivera

Moodus                        Stacie                        Tanguay

Moodus                        Abigail                       Tirone

New Britain               Matthew                 Albino

New Britain               Holly                           Beckley

New Britain               Colin                           Bialobrzeski

New Britain               Sarah                         Corcoran

New Britain               Jose                            Del Aguila Moreno

New Britain               Jessica                      Gibbs

New Britain               Nicole                        Lastauskas

New Britain               Robert                       Runge

New Britain               Timothy                    Wendeborn

New Britain               Cheryl                        White

New London              Jean                            Ravix

Newington                 Christine                 Amuso

Newington                 Kathryn                    Mertens

Newington                 Jodie                          Pastore

North Branford        Christine                 Mongillo

Northford                    Hayley                       Gomez

Northford                    Mallory                     Hackett

Northford                    Rocco                         Morgan

Northford                    Linsey                        Ochenkowski

Norwich                       Ariel                            Swan-Daly

Old Lyme                     Susan                         Fraser

Old Lyme                     Liljana                       Sassa

Old Saybrook            Dalton                       Ahern

Old Saybrook            Alexcandra            Bacry

Old Saybrook            Sonam                       Dolma

Old Saybrook            Lisa                             Fitzsimmons

Old Saybrook            Benjamin                Gergler

Old Saybrook            Massimiliano       Trentini

Plainville                     James                        D’Agustino

Plainville                     Morgan                     Susco

Portland                      Kristi                          Bingham

Portland                      Danielle                   Guzzardi

Portland                      Matthew                 Joseph

Portland                      Tina                             Leopizzo

Portland                      Julie                            Nolan

Portland                      Molly                          Penkes

Portland                      Maria                         Szymaszek

Portland                      Cynthia                     Varricchio

Preston                        Rebecca                   Dow

Quaker Hill                 Corie                          Doyle

Rockfall                        Robert                       Brooks

Rockfall                        Giovanna                Lakomy

Rockfall                        Susan                         Orlacchio

Rocky Hill                    Lauren                      Attanasio

Rocky Hill                    Theodore                Bartkoski

Rocky Hill                    Susan                         Benson

Rocky Hill                    Timothy                    Green Jr.

Rocky Hill                    Hannah                    Nerkowski

Rocky Hill                    Melissa                    Rocco

Rocky Hill                    Elena                          Sanchez

Rocky Hill                    Imran                         Tariq

Salem                            Erin                              Peabody

South Meriden        Lisa                             Cyr

South Meriden        Sarah                         Mount

Southington              Jordan                       Franco

Southington              Orla                             Molloy

Southington              Matthew                 Prior

Southington              Tyler                           Welch

Tolland                         Christopher           McKenty

Wallingford               Norma                       Avila

Wallingford               Melissa                    Bandecchi

Wallingford               Elissa                         Brenner

Wallingford               Tara                            Butkus

Wallingford               Amy                             Carpenter

Wallingford               Matthew                 Ciccone

Wallingford               Karen                         Cortese

Wallingford               Chelsey                    Donaldson

Wallingford               Nicole                        Ercolani

Wallingford               Angela                       Giusti

Wallingford               Carmen                    Gutierrez

Wallingford               Taylor                        Huie

Wallingford               Joshua                      Lanci

Wallingford               Austin                        Lawrence

Wallingford               Robin                         McMenamin

Wallingford               Mikki                          Melillo

Wallingford               Lauren                      Page

Wallingford               Candace                  Perrotti

Wallingford               Devon                        Rourke

Wallingford               Adnan                        Taleb

Wallingford               Melissa                    Tebo

Waterbury                 Rachel                       DiCarlo

Waterbury                 Shamiyabanu       Sheikh

Watertown                Jamie                         Mailhot

Westbrook                 Marian                      Camperchioli

Westbrook                 Cassidy                     Chiarito

Westbrook                 Melanie                   Davis

Westbrook                 Cheryl                        Dimenstein

Westbrook                 Hannah                    Reilly

Westbrook                 Henry                         Rominski

Westbrook                 Trever                        Smith

Westport                    Cimarron                 Crouse

Wethersfield            Andreea                   Emilian

Wethersfield            Justin                         Hansen

Wethersfield            Patricia                    Lavigne

Wethersfield            Angela                       Urso

Brattleboro, VT       Corey                         Baker