As you probably see at the bottom of my blog posts, there’s my name, year of graduation, and major. Well, all of those have changed…except my name, of course.

It’s been a complicated semester. To summarize without taking up the whole blog post, I finally decided to switch majors from nursing to early childhood education. This difficult decision came from a year of confusion, depression, and constantly questioning what I was really meant to do. In the end, I knew I wanted to work with children and I’ve always had a knack for teaching things to people. So I thought I’d give it a shot, since I was already in the ECE 101 class.

I must say I’m really enjoying the decision I’ve made. A huge weight of stress has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel like I will be more successful in these classes, and I’m actually starting to really enjoy the opportunities that this field comes with. I have been able to get babysitting opportunities and interviewed at a daycare recently due to the fact that I am in a NAEYC accredited ECE program. Being CPR certified doesn’t hurt, either.

As far as how the majors are: in comparison, nursing was much more stressful because of the rigorous material, even in just the pre-requisite classes, and it didn’t make it any better that science is my worst subject. That is what really determined my big switch. Early childhood education is more laid back in the aspect of science, but it’s very important to know how to keep innocent little kids safe, occupied, and constantly learning.

I know that this field will be easier in the aspect of getting through school but it will still have its challenges. I’m anticipating difficult essays, many observation hours, and difficult subjects to talk about in class, such as the reality that children do get abused. But I know in the end, all this time figuring out what I really wanted out of college will be worth it when I make a child laugh, they thank me, and their parent appreciates what I am doing to ensure their child is getting the best education.

So now, if I continue on as a student blogger next semester, you will see my banner change to:

Lauren Page

Early Childhood Education ‘15

…and I couldn’t feel more accomplished.