jwallace1Dr. Judy Wallace, professor of biology, anatomy and physiology at Middlesex Community College, is the recipient of the College’s 2014 Educational Excellence and Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes employees whose performance exemplifies excellence in teaching, leadership, and administration.

“We are very proud to name Dr. Judy Wallace as the recipient of the 2014 Educational Excellence and Distinguished Service Award at Middlesex Community College,” said Dr. Steven Minkler, dean of academic affairs. “Dr. Wallace is an outstanding teacher and is known as a leader in the Connecticut State College & University System. She is completely dedicated to the education and success of her students, and works tirelessly to make Middlesex such a wonderful place to teach and to learn.”

Dr. Wallace, Farmington resident, is also the coordinator of the radiologic technology program. Because of this award, Dr. Wallace has the opportunity to apply for financial support of professional activities not ordinarily available, such as instructional innovation, professional development, or to arrange for a replacement instructor to facilitate release time to pursue a special project related to the college or system.