A couple of weeks ago, my COM*228 Broadcast Journalism Workshop class went for a tour at the WFSB news channel 3 studio. This wasn’t my first tour of the studio, but I really enjoyed the experience anyway.

Our tour guide was Chris Collibee, who works as the Assignment Manager. He gave us some inside knowledge of the workings of the station. We toured through the Better Connecticut set, and learned that the set is completely moveable. The station can turn the set into anything they want.

After the Better Connecticut set we were able to stand in the news studio to watch the 5 o’clock newscast. I knew that there wouldn’t be many people in the studio since the cameras are all mounted and set, but it was still really interesting to see how everything is controlled separately.

For the second half of the news cast we were able to stand in the control room. In a news station, this is where all the action is. Everything is controlled through this small room. It was really neat to see the different positions, director, producer, and technical director, work together. I was particularly interested in the producer’s position. We got to see the rundown of the show. The rundown is basically the line up of the different news elements. The producer tracks the timing of each news package to keep the show on schedule. They can move stories around, or even delete them from the show completely.

An unexpected treat while we were there was getting to peak into the server room. If you’re a bit of a tech geek, this is a dream room. Our little studio at the school runs on 3 servers out of a closet. The WFSB server room is huge by comparison. We learned how the information for the shows media is stored, and how it is accessed and broadcasted. It was a rare treat that I wont forget.

Having the opportunity to tour the WFSB studio was really exciting. It allowed our class the unique privilege of seeing the fast paced world behind the news broadcast.



Blog post written by Rosemary Picarelli, broadcast-cinema major at MxCC.