On Wednesday, October 16, my Careers in Media class took a tour of WFSB station. The tour was very informative and energetic, our tour guide Sarah Dahlstrom, who is an alumna of MxCC, did a fantastic job and showed us various parts of the station including the newsroom, editing booths, the control room, and the area where the news is filmed! I was extremely excited to be there because I had never seen a studio or professional equipment before.

We also got a chance to see the filming of Better Connecticut. I had never seen anything so interesting before! We got to see a demonstration of the Flashdance Musical opening at the Bushnell. We also saw everything kind of runs behind the scenes of a TV show. Once the filming was over we ate some of the food prepared during the filming. Along with trying the food we met the stars of the show. It was really great! I met Scott Haney. We had formed a line to ask him for pictures and they were really nice about the whole thing! All in all, I had a great time at WFSB and would love to go back.

I later got a chance to talk to Sarah Dahlstrom about her experience at the station and Middlesex Community College. Sarah went to MxCC for Business Office Technology – Executive Secretary. Immediately following graduation at MxCC she started working in customer service. She then moved on to work for the New Haven Knights as the administrative assistant for the general manager and assistant general manager.

Sarah has been working at WFSB just shy of 2 years. She is a newsroom assistant. Her job at the station consists of assisting the news director and assistant news director with any of their administrative needs. She also helps assist other department heads along with producers, assignment desk, on-air talent, etc. in the newsroom.

Sarah is responsible for scheduling the public appearances for the on-air talent, handling the storm closing system (including the annual mailing with storm closing information), and scheduling and giving tours. Sarah is a wonderful and happy person. In fact, the whole station seemed to be a very happy team of people that work there. I think it’s important for a group of people to enjoy what they are doing.

I asked Sarah if this helps the work flow at the station. She said, “I would have to say yes, it does help the work flow. As you can imagine, things can get pretty stressful in the newsroom, especially in the event of breaking news. Working with others who have a positive attitude can help us all get through some of those difficult situations.”
The whole experience at WFSB was amazing an I thoroughly enjoyed it, the people seem very happy with their jobs and each.

Blog post by Tyler Welch, broadcast-cinema major at Middlesex Community College.