As commencement approaches, graduating MxCC students are feeling a range of emotions. The mystery of what awaits all of us after graduation is a frightening thing for some, but it also offers new opportunities for work and learning experiences. Here are the five stages of emotions that students graduating from MxCC are bound to feel:


  1. Reality Hits

You’ve come this far, there’s no turning back now. You have successfully earned as many credits as you need to graduate with your associate’s degree or certificate. As you walk to the records office to turn in your application for graduation, you look down and see your coursework laid out in front of you. Years of hard work and dedication went into completing this simple piece of paper. Handing in your application proves your dedication to improving yourself through education.


  1. Nostalgia

As you realize that you’ll have a degree in just a few short weeks, you begin to look back at all the fun times you have shared with friends and faculty at MxCC. Spending time playing pool in the student lounge or snacking on cafeteria food while studying in the pavilion seem like things of the past, but you still have time to enjoy these resources before walking across the stage at graduation.


  1. Nervousness

Once the realization that graduation is actually happening has the chance to sink in, you might begin to feel nervous about leaving MxCC. What if there are still things you haven’t learned that you need to know before you enter the workforce? What if you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with the fast paced environment that you’ll find on the job? You will have many “what ifs” before leaving MxCC, but you have done your best to prepare yourself for what comes with joining the workforce. Enrolling in classes at MxCC and seeking a degree or certificate was your first step towards preparing yourself.


  1. A Sense of Accomplishment

As you sit in the audience waiting to walk across the graduation stage, all of your “what ifs” will suddenly disappear. You will understand when you rise from your chair to accept your diploma just how much you deserve this honor. The things you sacrificed to reach this moment and how much having a degree will improve your life will become clear, and you will know that you made the right decision pursuing this academic goal.


  1. Excitement

Stepping off the stage after commencement is over, a smile fills your face. The family, friends and faculty that have supported you throughout your academic journey congratulate you on your accomplishment. You are a graduate of MxCC! With a degree in hand, endless opportunities await. Whether you decide to move on to a four year university to get a bachelor’s degree or choose to enter the workforce, MxCC will forever hold a place in your heart. I know it will hold a place in mine.