My name is Linda Pent and I graduated from Middlesex Community College in 2007 with an associate’s degree in criminal justice. During the past few years, I have been taking the prerequisites for the nursing program. After taking some nursing class, I decided that I’m not interested in a career as a nurse! It seemed as though each day when I would come into class there were two fliers hanging on the bulletin board that I could not help but stare at consistently all semester. Something about the Legislative Internship Program intrigued me, much more than my studies at the time.

Given my degree and my interests I dropped the last course I signed up for within the nursing prerequisites and enrolled in American Government with Lisa Moody. After completing American Government I decided to take sometime off and apply for the internship. Career wise, I am very interested in the helping professions, which was drew me to a career as nurse. I want to make a difference in the world, and with the way things are I just wonder what the future holds.

As an intern at the state capitol, I know I will really have a better understanding in the role the legislature plays in shaping the rules that govern our society. I hope to be fortunate enough that I am able to do something that makes me happy and brings joy to others that is something I am passionate about.



Linda Pent is one of MxCC’s legislative interns. Outside of school, Linda works as mail carrier and a snowboard instructor.