Dribbble. No, it’s not misspelled, it’s the name of a site for designers and creatives who want to show off their work. It’s also one of the hardest platforms to get on since it’s invite only. But you can greatly increase your chances of getting drafted by following these tips!

Why do I even want to be on Dribbble?

More than any other platform, Dribbble is a rich source of networking and job opportunities. You can get hired for work, find other creatives to work with, and get feedback on all your latest projects. The testimonials page alone highlights just how lucrative Dribbble can be if you’re interested in freelance work.

So what do I do first?

You can sign up for an account without an invite, which will give you a username, avatar, and a short bio area. Fill out the entire thing! You won’t be able comment or post your own work, but you can like and share other designer’s work. The last thing to do on your account? Check off the box that says you are a “Prospect”. This means you are interested in getting drafted – or invited – to be a designer on Dribbble.

I don’t get all the terminology on Dribbble?

For all things Dribbble, you can read this post called Dribbble 101, but the basic terms are:

  • Prospect – Someone with an account but not yet invited to post projects
  • Player – Someone who has been invited to post projects
  • Drafted – When a prospect gets invited to be a player
  • Shot – An image posted on a player’s profile
  • Debut – The first image posted on a new player’s profile
  • Rebound – When another player has a variation or modification to work you’ve asked for feedback on

Getting an invite when you don’t know anyone on Dribbble

Assuming you don’t have any contacts on the site currently, you’ll have to be a bit patient (and creative) to get noticed by a player (someone who’s already on Dribbble). You can try the following…

  1. Monitor keywords on Twitter such as “Dribbble invite” or “Dribbble giveaway”
  2. Sign up for Draft.im and post your work there – it’s a site solely for users looking for Dribbble invites
  3. Put a link to your blog or website so existing players can check you out
  4. Read other player’s profiles and check out their Twitter feed and websites so you can build a relationship (it has to be authentic though – no one wants to be used for something)
  5. Make a compelling statement with a graphic that you can then put out on your blog, social media or Draft.im in hopes of catching someone’s eye
This player posted her invite image to Dribbble once she was successfully drafted.

This player posted her invite image to Dribbble once she was successfully drafted.

Other cool things to know about Dribbble

1. You can download PSD files when designers offer them underneath the shot (you’ll see a little download arrow). If you want to browse all the available PSD files that are current, you can use PSDDD.co to search!

PSD file download

The file name and size will be under the photo where it says 1 attachment

2. Freebbble is a similar site that curates all the free resources Dribbble players offer.

3. You can find a local meetup and connect with other designers and creatives. Just click on the upcoming meetups option in the menu bar.

4. You can also browse job listings!

Whether you’re an accomplished designer or just starting a degree program, get hooked into Dribbble now!