I wasn’t always a senator on Student Senate. I had to take the leap and get involved at MxCC to be where I am today! It all started when I joined the Creative Writing Club and was given the role of representative. As rep, I was responsible for going to Senate meetings once a week. At these meetings, I would provide information about what the club was doing and presenting budgets for money needed, which were then voted on by the Senate. Learning how student activity fees were spent at the college really sparked my interest.

From there, I began attending Student Senate meetings regularly. In one of the meetings, someone was needed to represent the students on the Foundation Board and I choose to take on the task. I have loved it ever since! I love Student Senate and believe anyone interested in having a say in how student activity fees are being spent should join.

Today I am the president of the Creative Writing Club, which I am proud to say has organized some amazing events with more to come. Check the bulletin boards around campus to find out what events are coming up this semester. Please feel free to join our club, too. We meet in Snow Hall on Mondays during the activity period from 12:30-1:20 p.m. I am very happy to say that Student Senate has created another fundraiser that will be happening April 26 at FroyoWorld in Middletown. Please come down and enjoy some frozen yogurt, while supporting a great cause. A percentage of proceeds made that night will go towards scholarships to students!