new-center-sm“I want to start college,  but I don’t think my reading, writing, and math skills are where they need to be.”

“I’d like to return to college,  but it’s been so long since I’ve been in a college classroom.”

These are familiar concerns when considering starting college or thinking about returning to school after time spent away in the work force.  To address these concerns and better prepare students for the rigor of college-level work, Middlesex Community College’s Meriden Center offers the Intensive College Transition Pilot (ICTP) program.  This program is made possible by a partnership between the Meriden Center, Meriden Adult Education, and the Connecticut State Department of Education.  It is designed to help bridge the college skills gap.

Recruitment and Enrollment for ICTP’s fourth and final semester is currently underway.  Eligible candidates must have earned a high school diploma or equivalent credential and tested into developmental courses in Reading, Writing, and/or Math according to the ACCUPLACER® exam widely used for college placement.  Candidates interview for a spot in the pilot program, and those accepted take part in its dual components: Freshman Seminar and computer-based, self-paced reading, writing, and math instruction.  Classes meet at Platt High School or the Meriden Center three nights a week for three and a half hours.

This demanding schedule isn’t for everyone, but for students like Tyrone Worsham, fall 2012 ICTP participant, it could be a perfect fit. He explains, “I like Freshman Seminar the most because that’s what I needed. Coming here is study time.  I knew it [ICTP] was the best thing for me.” ICTP is a step toward Tyrone’s ultimate goal of earning x-ray technician credentials. The format of ICTP appeals to students with a similar motivation and drive to succeed in a self-directed academic program.

Graduates of the 14-week, semester-long program are ready to begin their college careers academically prepared and confident in their ability to succeed in the college classroom.

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Lauren Humphrey is a part time Educational Assistant at Middlesex Community College’s Meriden campus.  She coordinates the Intensive College Transition Pilot Program for the fall 2012 and spring 2013 semesters.