Meet the students in the Legislative Internship Program! This year, MxCC has seven students who will enter the Legislative Internship Program in Spring 2013. This is exciting because the past two semesters had four students in the program.

“These students get an experience of a lifetime and they represent our college at the Capitol,” said Tad Lincoln,  associate professor of economics and political science and coordinator of the Legislative Internship Program.


Jameson Altieri ’12 from Guilford

Samantha Corsini ’13, general studies major from Middletown

Zachary Daniels ’14, business administration major from Wallingford (completing internship at SCSU)

Nicole Doody ’13, marketing major from Madison

Brian Keane, engineering science major from Middletown

Robin Konikoff ’13, human services major from East Haven

Liron Rogof, general studies major from Meriden

Michael Stewart ’12, criminal justice major from Guilford

The Legislative Internship Program gives MxCC students direct experience working for a legislator at the Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford. To learn more about the program, click here.