Gabriel Geist and Florian Orleanu

For the first time, two MxCC students have been accepted into the Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program. The LSSL Program is a hands-on engineering and technology program where students from the partnering institutions of Connecticut College of Technology work together on real world projects. The two students, Florian Orleanu, information systems major, and Gabriel Geist, general studies major, were among 35 students that were selected from over 60 applicants state-wide.

Florian and Gabriel attended the Winter Intersession for the LSSL program at University of Hartford from January 2 to January 18, and will be working on their project through the spring semester. Their project is focused on developing a modern system of delivering directional information to the visually impaired using QR (Quick Reader) Codes and smartphone applications. They will be working with students from Tunxis Community College and University of New Haven.

Check out what the students had to say about their experience in the LSSL Program:

Gabriel said, “Over the course of the winter intersession I was fortunate enough to have attended the LSSL Program. I found this program to be highly interactive, interesting, fun, and relevant to my educational career. Going beyond its educational merit, I feel it has contributed greatly to my personal growth as an individual and my overall worldview. I strongly advocate that interested students seek participation in successive programs.”

Florian said, “The LSSL Program is one of the best programs I have ever been in. I have learned a lot about my behavior and other kinds of behaviors through DISC. I have also learned how to be a leader and the four fundamental keys to leadership, management and teamwork. All are very important for each individual in order to be successful in organizations and in real life. It is also important in an organization to know how to deal with difficult people and the options you have for dealing with them. In order to be successful and accomplish your goals it is very important to network. When you know people it is easier to do whatever you need to do if you need help, so always network because it will never hurt!”