My name is Tyquan Crump, and I was born and raised in Middletown. During my graduating year at Middletown High, I was sure I was going to attend a four-year university. Instead I chose to enroll at Middlesex Community College, due to the fact that it was much closer to home and, being the type of person that cares for his family and friends, I wanted to stay as close to home as possible.

I am also Christian and go to church almost every Sunday, so moving out of state to go to a university would have prevented me from going so I’m very happy I stayed. In my free time you can find me with my friends or at the movies. I love going to the movies. I also like going out to eat at restaurants and getting desert at my favorite local ice cream/ frozen yogurt stores.

At first I was majoring in general studies, but I wanted to do more than that so I decided to switch to Business Administration. I’ve always wanted to own my own business or work at Apple or AT&T.  Overall, I can really see myself pursing and moving further in life with a business degree.

At MxCC, I have joined both the Computer Club and the Creative Writing Club.  The Creative Writing Club had our first bake sale in September. It went extremely well and we made over $100 total. We also contacted Wesleyan University to try to make a partnership with their creative writing club. The Creative Writing Club at MxCC is for a club for all writers. We meet every Monday at 12:30 in Snow Hall room 505. New members are always welcome.


Tyquan Crump is a business administration major from Middletown. He’s a member of the Computer Club and the Creative Writing Club at MxCC.