Left to right: student Florian Orleanu, John Medina, Rebecca Simkins (student and president of the MxCC Computer Club), Professor Donna Hylton, and student Steven Gotta.

Left to right: Florian Orleanu, John Medina, MxCC Computer Club President Rebecca Simkins, Professor Donna Hylton, and Steven Gotta.

The results are in for the MxCC Computer Club’s Essay Contest!

John Medina of Meriden and Dominick Ayinn of Middletown are the two winners of this year’s contest.

Each heartfelt essay documented the real need for each of these students.  Both students do not have a home computer and rely on public computers to complete their schoolwork.  Even with these obstacles, these students are doing whatever it takes to complete their degree.

John, originally from Visalia, Calif., is a full time student and a general studies major at the College. He found that with his disability, it was hard to make trips to the College’s computers and local libraries.  Having a home computer will allow him to take online classes and allow him to do homework and research in his home on his own schedule.

Upon hearing that he won, John said, “I was so happy that I was tearing up. You have no idea what this means to me.”

Dominick, the second winner of the essay contest, is an immigrant from Micronesia, looking for a new beginning in America.  Dominick is currently without a job and a home, but has been working towards a degree in general studies since he enrolled at MxCC in 2010.  Since he is without transportation, he has to rely on the schedule of public transportation or walk several miles just to use a computer.

The contest was announced in November. Students had to submit an essay explaining their need.  A total of 15 essays were submitted by MxCC students.  The Computer Club was able to purchase the equipment and software needed by raising funds at a computer and electronics e-cycling event last April.

For more information, read the Meriden Record Journal’s article on the winners here.