Middlesex Community College’s Center for New Media is producing a series of  educational videos on social media, geared towards businesses that want to get started with social media. In this first video, viewers can learn how to tell their business’s story using Instagram, an online photo-sharing and video-sharing social network. The videos are being released to the Midstate Chamber of Commerce and the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce to be a resource for business owners in the area, and are available online to anyone who is interested in learning more about social media.

The Media Minute series took a team of faculty, staff and a student to produce, including:  Dan Nocera, corporate media producer, Peter Galgano, media associate, Rick Eriksen, professor of multimedia/digital arts, Randi Plake communications specialist/program assistant, Lisa Simmons, recruitment and placement coordinator, and Brendan Plake, broadcast-cinema student, who filmed and edited these videos.