MxCC students sure are making headlines! Last week, Gayle McDermott, human services major, was featured in an article in The Middletown Press.

Last semester Gayle interned with Mary Pont of the Portland Youth Service Bureau. After her internship ended, she agreed to stay on and finish what she started–advocating for a smoke-free environment at Portland Public  Library and Senior Center. Gayle is an expertise in this area–she was also on the task force for initating the no-smoking policy on the MxCC Middletown campus.

“McDermott said she is especially concerned about senior citizens and the elderly and children having to pass through clouds of second-hand smoke as they make their way into the library.” Read the entire article here.

Gayle is in her last semester at MxCC and will be graduating this May. She hopes to do another internship with the Barbana Institute. This agency deals with human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She plans on transferring to Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) for the fall 2014 semester.