Crista Larochelle ’14, business administration major, and Shadell Simpson ’15, management information systems major, are two Middlesex students currently interning for the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce.

Both Crista and Shadell are in programs that require an internship before graduation. They heard about the internship through their advisor, Professor Patty Raymond. When they were first told about the internship, Crista didn’t know that there were multiple intern positions available. She originally thought she was up against Shadell for the same position. Talk about nerve racking! Well, Crista and Shadell both got hired as interns, and both are focusing of two different aspects of the same project.

Shadell has been building a website for the Chamber’s new career resource database called MxCARES (CARES is a portmanteau of career and resource). This project will convert the information into an easier way for students in Middlesex County to find job shadows and internships. Crista has been contacting all of the businesses that will be a part of this new website. She’s been verifying their information and informing them of the new database.

By far their biggest achievement will be the finished website. This tool will help students get real life experience in the field that they choose. It’s pretty awesome that this resource is made for students, by students! Both students have been providing invaluable work to the Chamber’s new website, and at the same time, they are getting real life hands-on experience and many networking opportunities. Recently, Crista and Shadell were highlighted at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce’s Business and Education Partnership Advisory Council as an example of how MxCC students are contributing to the economic vitality of the region. We’re proud of the hard work they are doing for local businesses!