1275249_86778210Before writing this post, it took me awhile to think of how I could make my day-to-day life seem more extraordinary, and less routine and uniform. The truth is, however, a typical day for me is quite long, disciplined and cyclical. There is nothing fancy or glamorous in my typical day, but it is filled with hard work and dedication and that is what really matters in the end.

I am a full-time student at MxCC so I can be seen holed up in the library between classes or caught on my way to my next class. Every morning before heading to my 9 am class, I try to get a workout in on my treadmill or, if I’m lucky, make it to the gym. Running has always been a release for me and it helps my day start off on the right foot. Even if my run was not particularly the greatest, I know my day will always be ten times more balanced than if I had not exercised in the first place. It never ceases to be a struggle to get myself up at 6 am to exercise, but I have never regretted it afterward.

My academic day ends around 3:30 in the afternoon and then it is straight from Middletown to Guilford, where my job is located. I work part-time at Carpanzano’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant located just off Boston Post Road on Wednesday through Sunday. I get in around 4 pm and leave around 9 pm. My job is to answer phones, wait on tables, and handle the cash register. Carpanzano’s is a family owned and run business, so everyone is really close and always friendly. I can genuinely say I enjoy my job, even on the nights when it seems like everyone on the planet is ordering pizza and pasta dishes. P.S. Their buffalo chicken pizza is to die for, try it and your life will never be the same. (No, I am not saying this just because I work there! The food is amazing!)

After the work grind, I come home and begin homework at the somewhat late hour. I think sleep is really important for good health, so every night I try to be in bed by midnight. Of course, that plan does not always work out, but most times it does. As you can see, a typical day in my life is less than perfect and thrilling, but everyday is worthwhile and every day is important. I know that I am working hard towards my goals and through my dedication, I will achieve success.







Monica Castro is a full time student at MxCC and is a general studies major. She is also the secretary of the Journalism Club.