During my junior year in high school, all of my classmates were frantically getting together their future college options and each of their interested school’s requirements in line. At the time, I did not participate in the stress they shared, as I did not plan to attend college.

As explained in my previous posts, my change of heart regarding education has been apparent; and today, I am approaching my graduation date for my Associates Degree in General Studies from Middlesex Community College.

Because of my found love for film, I have always intended to continue to grow in studies that have interested me, which would enhance my ideas for filmmaking. Middlesex has been a stepping-stone for me in doing so, and I plan to further seek enlightenment by transferring to a four-year college to receive my Bachelor’s in Film Studies. Also, through inspiration from a passionate teacher at Middlesex, I have chosen to minor in Environmental Studies and plan to incorporate the knowledge she had transferred to our Environmental Science class into my love for film.

Never settling has been a persistent theme throughout the past few years, specifically in my education. Finding a school that provides everything I want in my future learning environment has been nothing short of difficult, and I have found that schools that have met all noted needs and peaked my interest are extremely exclusive and challenging to become a part of their exceptional student body.

Now later in life, I understand the stress and anxiety my high school peers felt in its entirety; though most often it is not the best of feelings, it is equally exciting.

I am still waiting for responses from the school I am most interested in, and won’t hear back for another two weeks. However, I know whatever the conclusion may be, whether it be in my favor or against it, I will make the best of where I end up and will use it as a tool to advance my interests, my goals and myself.






Samantha Corsini is a full time student at MxCC and is a general studies major.  She is also the Senator-at-Large of the Student Senate and holds the only student position on the Student Development Committee.