This is me with the therapy dog during finals!

This is me with the therapy dog during finals!

Dear Campus students, faculty/staff, friends, and college visitors: As your campus blogger it is my duty to fill you in with all that I have and seen pertaining to our wonderful campus. And boy do I have a lot to talk about, where do I begin.

On November 3, we had free smoothies inside Founders Hall. How better to start off the semester then to be given free tropical smoothies. Not long after that, there was a presentation in Founders Hall on suicide prevention, a subject I feel very strongly about. I strongly dislike bullying and it was nice to hear someone speak about how to prevent such things because I know bullying is one of the main causes of suicide. I believe there should be a presentation on bullying every semester. It would really help students and faculty and staff understand the seriousness of the matter.

The Swap Meet that was held this fall was great. I really wasn’t expecting to find a pair of swimming goggles right before heading to the pool and it saved me a couple bucks. I can tell other students enjoyed this event just as much as I did because I saw them smiling and leaving with items they really needed was wonderful.

Our “Open Poetry Reading” was another big hit in the fall semester, with all of the various wonderfully written poems read that night within Founders Hall student lounge. President Wasescha really caught the crowds attention when she presented, and I was amazed by her creativity and skills she incorporated into her comical reading.

We also hosted a WeSlam Poetry Reading and the feedback from the event was amazing. A lot of those who attend said it was the best event at MxCC they had ever attended which made me very proud to be a part of the college, and better yet, the president of the club. We also had a story slam, and was it funny! I enjoyed watching the students from my poetry class have so much fun laughing at their own stories and presenting.

On March 15, I helped out at the blood drive held in Chapman Hall, and also participated by donating (this was my third time giving blood!). Knowing that I could have possibly saved a life by donating makes me feel good about myself. I try donating at least once a year to Red Cross.

MxCC also hosted many cultural events this year. Early this month, the Brazilian Capoeira dancers performed for International Day. They were amazingly talented and the food at their event complimented their cultural talent with its rich delicious flavor. Another event I remember very well was the African-American drum beating performance in honor of Black History Month. It was very exciting and I enjoyed watching Michael Amouzou (from Financial Aid) spiritually dancing and twisting around without a care in the world. He seemed very relaxed and happy which also made me happy. My joy is watching faculty, staff, and  students,or  anyone having fun with a smile on their face. Those memories are the ones I will always keep with me no matter where I go and MxCC has done a tremendous job providing me with such memories.


With Corey at the Scholarship Awards

This year’s scholarship night was terrific, Corey Martell (from the President’s Office) and I got the opportunity to help out at the registration table and watch as students were rewarded for their hard work. This semester, I was elected president of the Creative Writing Club, and as president of the club, I am very proud to say that everything went spectacular. I came up with the idea to have a bake sale the beginning of the semester. Each club member baked or cooked up something of their own. When it was over we had raised over $300!

As the Foundation Board rep for the students I also hosted another fundraiser at Froyo World on April 26, although not as many people as I wanted to attend were present. But having the publicity for the Foundation Board and gathering some money from the evening meant a lot to me. I plan on creating a $1,000 scholarship for a continuing MxCC student with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Hopefully I will be able to raise more money on upcoming fundraisers this coming fall. I will be sure to keep you all informed on when and where they will be. I hope you all attend.

Although I missed a few events such as multiple Lan Nights hosted by the Computer Club (an event where you basically play video games on your laptop with friends and foes and eat pizza and choose from a select amount of beverages while you begin sweating from all of the chanting being done while playing). Other events I wish I had been able to attend was the Capital Bus tour on 10/4 or the New York trip with the Economics Club. But I did get the best out of the semester and enjoyed every minute on MxCC campus, which I hope everyone else did as well.


Massage therapist on campus

During finals, I was even able to make time to get a 10 minute massage with Santina Giuliano. She’s a massage therapist that was here at both the Middletown campus and the Meriden Center. This summer until the end of June, she will be having a massage special for any MxCC student with an ID. She is located at 162 West St. in Cromwell. Yo can make an appointment by calling (860) 614-7179. I’m surely going to do my best to relax this summer and take advantage of this deal. I hope you will do the same!

Oh, and a big shout out to Steve Chester and the maintenance crew for spreading out new mulch giving life back to sidewalks upon our campus (see the photo above!). Although they’re paid employees I don’t believe the hard work and effort they put into beautifying our campus are appreciated as much as it should be.

It’s a pleasure blogging for you. Have a wonderful summer. Until next semester,

Tyquan Crump