Today Larry McConkey, award-winning Steadicam operator, gave a demonstration and talked to students in the Advanced Media Production class. Larry McConkey is considered one of the top steadicam operators in the world and has shot some of the most impressive and famous steadicam shots in the history of film.

Some of his credits include: 12 Years a Slave, World War Z , Django Unchained, Hugo, Shutter Island, American Gangster, The Bourne Ultimatum,   The Sopranos, The Good Shepherd, Kill Bill: 1 & 2, The Silence of the Lambs,Vanilla Sky, Finding Forester, Mission to Mars and more. Visit his IMDB page for a full list.

McConkey graduated from Cornell University with a degree in cinema and he earned his M.F.A. from Temple University. He received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Temple.  He also received two Steadicam Operator Association Awards; one in 2004 for Goodfellas and the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

This is one of the first of many speakers that will be visiting MxCC as part of the Center for New Media.