Lisa Moody, former chief of staff to Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, will be teaching her popular American Government course (POL 111) on MxCC’s Middletown campus for the first time.  She has taught this class for three semesters at the Meriden Center, and shares her “Top 20 Reasons” why you should enroll in her class:

  1. You will understand how government makes decisions that affect your life (like making you wear seatbelts and taxing gas for your car)
  2. You will hear “what really happens” at the state capitol
  3. You will go behind the scenes of how “a bill becomes a law”
  4. You just might change your mind about an issue
  5. You might register to vote in the next election
  6. You will be more aware of current events
  7. You will discuss current events
  8. You will become a more informed citizen
  9. You will hear great “war stories” about campaigning and governing
  10. You will learn how and why to get involved in your local government
  11. You will get to debate a professional!
  12. You will understand how and why to hold an elected official accountable
  13. You will realize serving on local commissions or boards is possible … and important
  14. You may realize what happens in government today will affect your future
  15. You may finally make sense of the “fiscal cliff”
  16. You will be able to pass information along to your family and friends
  17. You may be prompted to contact an elected official
  18. You may be prompted to campaign for a candidate
  19. You may be prompted to run for office someday!
  20. You will appreciate democracy in a whole new way

Also, be sure to catch Lisa’s interview on the Middlesex Moments radio show on Wednesday, January 2 on WMRD 1150am in Middletown and WLIS 1420am in Old Saybrook at 12:30 p.m. then again at 6:30 p.m. that same day. The final rerun is on Sunday, January 6 at 7:30am.