Acting One (THR 110) meets Mondays, 1:20—4 pm. This is a basic introduction to Acting and is appropriate for both experienced actors and those trying it for the first time. Monologues, scenes, improvisation and acting exercises. This class will help you even if you have no intention of ever going on stage: gain confidence, speak clearly, feel comfortable talking in public, improve your listening and responding skills, sharpen your concentration and memory. If you are interested in performance – acting, dance, music, video & film – it will provide you with you many of the basic skills you need to be successful.

Plays in Production (THR 121) meets Wednesdays, 1:20—4 pm and will culminate in a full production of the classic comedy Tartufee by Moliere. All class members will be cast into performance roles, and will also be involved in production roles like marketing, costumes, set design and construction, props, etc. Prerequisite for this course is Acting One or permission of instructor. If you have some theatre experience, or have taken Intro to Theatre or Acting for Film and Television, contact Instructor Dic Wheeler and discuss whether you qualify.

These classes, in addition to being incredibly fun and unique learning opportunities, meet the requirements for Fine Arts, Liberal Arts and Humanities Electives. Should you have any questions, contact Instructor Dic Wheeler at or call 860.346.4390.