As the semester begins to draw to an end, due dates for final projects and presentations are about a month away, including MxCC’s first annual Academic Convivium on April 24th!

typ12Having to speak in front of a crowd can be nerve-racking, whether in front of fellow peers or a pavilion full of community members, but the experience doesn’t have to be stressful. The most important thing to remember is that you’ve already done your research, the difficult part is over. A presentation or display is your opportunity to show off all your hard work!

If you are still apprehensive about presenting your work here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind that will ensure your presentation goes smoothly:


Especially in front of other people. Gather classmates from a study group, siblings, or friends and give them a mock presentation of your project. Make sure to ask for feedback and take their suggestions into consideration. Often times practicing is the easiest way to shake away any nerves and it will  help you prove to yourself (and others) that you indeed know your topic of research. download

Audience Participation is a Good Thing

Don’t be afraid of an audience member asking you a question about your research project. Questions from other people are the best way to inspire new talking points about your topic that you might not have considered sharing during your planning and practice periods.

Talk, Don’t Read

This is where the practice portion is helpful. The more you talk about your topic, the better you absorb the knowledge you’ve gained and the easier it will be to relay that information to others. Nothing is more dull than watching a presenter read off of a PowerPoint or index cards. Talking too-EYE-CONTACT-facebook your audience and sharing your experience (like you would with a friend at a coffee shop) is the most natural and enjoyable option for yourself and your audience.

Make Eye Contact and Don’t Forget to Smile

imagesPresenting, especially during an Academic Convivium should be a privilege and an accomplishment, not a burden, so make sure it comes across to your audience that you are excited and proud of your academic achievements. Smiling and making eye contact with the room proves that you are confident and helps show that you are an expert in your field of study. The easiest thing to forget is to HAVE FUN!


MxCC’s Academic Convivium is April 24 from 8 am -4 pm in the Founders Hall Pavilion, Student Lounge, and Cafeteria. This academic research fair and conference is free and open to the public and community neighbors.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact event coordinator and Assistant English Professor at MxCC, Dr. Eva Jones.