IMG_0488Thirteen students in the first-ever Transitional Year Program celebrated a year of success with faculty and staff at a May 16 ceremony on campus.

The Transitional Year Program (TYP) is a unique program that provides one-on-one support to first-year students. This program brings students together to create a sense of community as they work through classes specifically designed to deepen their learning and reinforce class materials. TYP is with students every step of their first year of college, helping them connect with advisors, hosting dedicated TYP registration sessions, providing planners and other tools to help them build skills for success.

Cassandra Terrusa, first-year student, said, “I joined TYP because my English score on the placement test showed that 
I could use some extra help before starting my program, Early Childhood Education. I believed that TYP would be a good experience and help me get a feel for college classes. In TYP I have learned how to succeed in college courses. I was able to interact with my professors and I have gained the confidence I need to succeed in my major.”

“I joined TYP because I needed to learn how to become a successful student before I transferred to a four year school,” said Matt Durland, another student in the program. “I needed help to improve my writing and my math before I felt confident doing college level work. After TYP, I’m much more confident in the work I can produce. Now I’m not afraid of school and I know how to succeed in my classes.”


Cassidy Chiarito, student, and Professor Kim Thomas.

During the ceremony, MxCC President Anna Wasescha, Dean of Students Adrienne Maslin, and Dean of Academic Affairs Steven Minkler addressed the crowd which included students and their friends and families, as well as faculty and staff. Students were also presented with certificates and flowers by their professors. The students include: Justin Adams, Ebony Beall, Cassidy Chiarito, William Damberg, Matt Durland, Zalla Giuffrida, Christa Kicklighter, Katelyn Repscher, Delfina Rosario, Andrew Sidera, DaQuanna Starks, Cassandra Terrusa, and Bill Thomas.

“I’m so proud of all of these students,” said Professor Terry McNulty, assistant professor of English.  “When I see the progress they have made as readers and writers since late August, it kind of takes my breath away.  And when you think about how well they have come to know each other and how much they have supported each other all year, it’s really remarkable.  They have the tools they need for a successful sophomore year.”

The Transitional Year Program helps MxCC meet 
its primary mission for all students — to help them succeed, earn their degree, and improve their lives.  Students who have finished this program are committed to their education.  Currently, 93% of program completers are registered for the fall at MxCC.