transitionalYear-webIt’s impossible for me to believe, but the first members of the Transitional Year Program (TYP) are wrapping up their freshman year at MxCC.  As our new video on our webpage demonstrates, it’s been a year in which our students have grown by leaps and bounds.  This May, the TYP students will be publishing a book, and their successes will be celebrated at a ceremony that the college is holding in their honor.

Despite all these milestones, I have to face a hard truth.  I’ve gotten attached to this first group of TYP students – and they’re moving on.  As graduates of the program, they’ll be taking classes in their majors and programs, and a new set of TYP students will be taking their place.

And, as you read this, I wonder — will one of those new students be you?

The Transitional Year Program is a yearlong program of study that’s open to any student who places into English 063 and English 073, and it’s designed to help you as you transition into life as a college student.  The program focuses on helping you make connections between each of your classes, so you can apply what you learn in one class to what you learn in another.  It also focuses on building community, so that students get to know each other (and their teachers) very well.

That’s one of the reasons that writing this blog post is bittersweet.  I’m exceptionally proud of what this first group of TYPers has accomplished.  At the same time, I know that, come August, 40 new, equally remarkable TYP students (20 in Middletown and 20 in Meriden) will join the program, ready to learn as much about themselves and the world as the students who came before them.

If the Transitional Year Program sounds interesting to you, send me an email and let’s talk.  There’s no better way to start your college experience than with TYP.



Terry McNulty is an associate professor of English at MxCC.