Balancing school and life was never something I would have thought to be so difficult. Back in high school things were so simple. Go to school, then head to practice for football or wrestling, and meets or football games once or twice a week with Saturday tournaments. Back then everything was in order for me. My first semester in college I soon began to understand that trying to balance school and life would be much harder than I realized. At MxCC I am the representative for students on the MxCC Foundation board, I am a Student Senator, I am a student worker, and I attend classes part-time.  If you think I was prepared for scheduling studying times for pop up quizzes and/or test and exams, and finishing ungodly amounts of hourly homework assignments while working to pay bills and going to the gym 5-6 days a week to stay fit, you are certainly mistaken. The stress of attempting to do all of these things and more, slowly began to overwhelm me throughout the first semester and those to follow.

I decided to target the main problem or most important agenda within my daily routine which was attending classes and handing in work assignments on time, while being prepared for any test exams or quizzes that may arise. To make sure I could complete all of my assignments on time each semester, I choose to pick a specific time to have my classes which was usually mid-day afternoon. This would allow me work either A.M. or P.M. and do my class work while still being able to make it to the gym at night. Due to the unsatisfactory arrival time of the nightly transit bus which I use to commute back and forth to school, I usually choose my classes around noon. It made me feel very comfortable, knowing that if I worked hard throughout the day to complete all of my assignments I could go workout at the gym later on.

A quote I’ve often heard is “Life Happens” and it was often something I’d say to myself while trapped in a snow storm a couple blocks away from the college on a broken down transit bus. At times I thought to myself maybe it’s best that I take a semester off and just begin working full-time to save up for my own vehicle, but then another thought came to mind. This thought was joyful and happy, the thought of walking across the MxCC graduation stage and receiving my degree sooner.

Balancing my schedule was more than complicated at many times within my life, so I would like to thank Emily Canto, career counselor in the Career Development and Counseling Office, for always being there to guide me. Although she was not the advisor I was assigned to, I loved the way I was greeted every time I entered her office and the way she guided me throughout every semester.

If I could give any advice about how to balance life and school at the same time to a new and or a returning student I would tell them to think about what is most important such as long term future goals and to speak with an advisor.

The fact that MxCC has an advising office where you can go to speak with a career counselor or advisor throughout the day is one of the many reason I refer others to go here. I know that without the help of my advisor I would not be graduating this semester, there’s so much help you can get when you just ask, and yeah, “Life Happens,” but that’s why we have others there to help us, and MxCC is a perfect example of that.


Tyquan Crump ’16 is a business major and has been blogging for the College since 2013.