I chose to enroll in classes at MxCC in the spring of 2010 after four years of procrastination and excuses and I still cannot believe how much I have accomplished in that short amount of time!

MxCC is close to home (Old Lyme) and work (Essex), making for an easy commute to school.  The last thing I needed was another excuse, such as a long commute to tell myself it was okay that I was not furthering my education.

MxCC offers classes during days and times that work with my schedule. I am able to fit the evening classes into my busy schedule. I work full time and I have two young children, 13 months and 5 years old.  I have enjoyed each and every class I have taken at MxCC.  The class sizes are small and the professors have been amazing.







Caitlin Courtney works full time as an accountant and attends MxCC part time. She is a general studies major and a mother to two young children.