_smThere are many reasons why I chose Middlesex Community College as the place to further my education. However, the one reason that trumps the rest is the friendly atmosphere and welcome of the campus. I had been to the campus many times before enrolling and was always greeted with a smile by a professor or administrator, and I never felt unwelcome. All the students seemed to enjoy each other’s company and that really made an impression on me. At my previous college, the atmosphere was never as friendly as the environment at MxCC. The vibe that MxCC gives out is a special one, and that is ultimately why I chose to enroll.

I also chose to attend Middlesex because it is relatively close to my home and in a familiar place. Having attended Mercy High School in Middletown for four years, I am very comfortable with the area and have grown to love it. The affordable cost of MxCC was also a very big plus. Before Middlesex, I attended a four-year university with a very big tuition bill. I was pleased to know that I could attend an extremely affordable and reliable college such as Middlesex.

The last reason why I chose MxCC is because it is the perfect place to regroup and continue my education while figuring out what path I want to take. I realized that the university I attended before Middlesex was not the place for me, so I came home and was in search of a place to continue my education. Middlesex offers the perfect environment where I can continue my undergraduate studies while holding a part-time job and keeping other responsibilities. The career and transfer center has done a great service in helping me figure out where I would like to attend college after I finish at MxCC.







Monica Castro is a full time student at MxCC and is a general studies major. She is also the secretary of the Journalism Club.