High school… Now that was fun! But what next, right? All my friends were going off to these BIG four-year universities… but not me. Wow, that really stinks… But wait! Can’t I go to a community college and save BIG bucks for the future? Can’t I graduate with the same degree as all my friends without having all that debt? And can I now go on that BIG vacation with all the extra money I saved?

Well, the answer is YES.

Now, which college do I choose? Well, that’s up to you; but if you’re looking for why I chose MxCC, then you’re in the right place! Middlesex is not only conveniently twenty minutes right down Route 9 from my home, but it’s also close to my job, and right in the center of some major universities that my friends go to! So not only am I able to save BIG money, but I’m also able to go and visit my friends, too!

Here at MXCC, our jobs as students are to get the education we deserve at a reasonable price and to be able to go onto the next stage in our life. (I’m driving the car I want, being able to work AND being able to visit my friends whenever I want! In the end, it’s a pretty nice set-up). If you choose Middlesex Community College because you are saving money, the campus is very nice, conveniently located, and has many cool activities to be involved in. I can honestly say, choosing MXCC was probably one of the wisest things I could have done to help my education, so make it yours too.  So… What are you waiting for?

ENJOY COLLEGE. You’ll only be here once (:






Taylor March is a human services major at MxCC.