This spring semester, MxCC will pair two courses – Women and Work (SSC 153), taught by Dr. Rebecca Loew, and English Composition (ENG 101), taught by Dr. Eva Jones – combined to create a unique learning experience for students.  The two courses were designed to work together to examine the role of women and work, using shared reading and writing assignments.  Issues such as family and work gender socialization, sex discrimination and the emotional work in which women engage will be discussed – along with many other related topics.

Why study about work?

“Everyone works, whether for necessity, habit, choice, duty, or passion,” said Dr. Loew. “We work at paying jobs, in our homes, as students and as volunteers to provide for our families, to better our life situation, or to contribute to society.  It is simply what we do as humans – so much so that the Right to Work is contained in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It makes a lot of sense to reflect on the role of work and how women fulfill those roles.”

Dr. Rebecca Loew

Dr. Rebecca Loew

The combined courses will provide a historical overview and delve into questions such as: What are the rewards of work and where are we more and less likely to find them?  Why is it possible to work fulltime and still live in poverty (as close to 1 in 11 workers do)? Should we pay people who stay home to provide care?  What policies are available to support working families with children and are they effective?  Why is work considered a human right and what does that claim mean for me and for society?

These two courses will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30-10:50 (Women and Work) and 11- 12:20 (English Composition).  Students must be eligible to take English 101 courses.  This Women and Work course fulfills the “D” course requirement for MxCC’s degree programs.

Interested students – men and women – are invited to contact or stop by her office in Snow Hall Room 508 with any questions or for more details on the Women and Work course.  Registration for these two courses begins November 4.