Well, it’s time for baseball’s post-season, so that means it’s time for another Yankee Steve’s Baseball Blog. Who are the prospects, and who are the suspects? Baseball now has 2 wild-card teams in each league, those being the teams who didn’t finish first in a division, but who had the best records. That would be Oakland and Kansas City in the AL, and San Francisco and Pittsburgh in the NL. The winners of the one game playoff between the above teams will advance to the division series, involving all of the division winners.

In the AL, the Angels are the top seed, followed by the Orioles, and then the Tigers. In the NL, the Nationals are first, followed by the Dodgers, then the Cardinals. Since the AL won the All-Star game, then they would have home field advantage in the World Series. I will predict that KC and Pittsburgh will win the wild card games, as the home teams. I see the Angels playing the Orioles for the AL pennant, and the Halos will go to the World Series. I also feel that the NL is a toss-up, and I like the Dodgers with their pitching, to face off against the Angels, in a free-way Series, which I think the Angels will win, due to home field advantage. Many people might prefer a Beltway Series between the O’s and Nationals, which is possible. Don’t be surprised to see a dark horse team make a run, as Wild Card teams have won the Series before!

Let me know what your thoughts are!



Submitted by Steve Krevisky. Since 1985, Professor Krevisky, baseball fanatic, has been a full-time mathematics professor at Middlesex Community College.